Flatten Hierarchy.

Empower Innovation.

If leaders don’t listen to the workforce, they only hear about problems when it’s too late. Brand reputation can be trashed in minutes.

Worse still, if people don’t feel heard, they check-in, check-out and wait for the pay check and redundancy.

87% of the worldwide workforce is disengaged.

beep (the behavioural empowerment enterprise platform) lets you listen to and learn from your workforce.

A robust secure innovation and communication platform it empowers employees to fix the small problems as they happen.

Driving efficiency and productivity...
leaving you to sort out the big stuff.

People are precious & your most valuable asset.

Organisations that harness their full potential win.

Those that don’t lose.

beep is not another engagement survey platform. It is not an enterprise social network, nor an open innovation platform. It is not gamification software.

It’s where all four collide!
Rewarding employees for leading the charge to change
Powering a culture of innovation
Feeding an increasingly smart organisational memory

So you can cut the cost of external consultants and avoid the expensive, frustrating game of whack-a-mole

beep is an enterprise-level, decentralised, AI software. It empowers employees to surface, share and find solutions to the things that stand in the way of efficiency, effectiveness and productivity.

beep App on the phone

Mobile App

Use in car

Nudge Technology

Watching the beep system on a display

Data Visualisation

Office set up for a workshop with the beep software running

Workshop Tools

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Smart Organisational Memory

beep network of transformation agents are on a mission. We are determined to improve the lives of 500 million employees, add trillions to the global economy and support 20% of global impact towards the SDGs.

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