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Potential & Growth

Something amazing happened during the pandemic. Employees started collaborating across regions, business units and levels to make things happen to add value to customers.

You want to harness that energy to drive always-on agile ways of working and a customer centric culture of innovation and improvement. But people at all levels must unlearn engrained assumptions, attitudes and behaviours and embed new ones…and everyone is busy being busy, change-fatigued and struggling to keep up.

Where do you start?

The beep approach has worked for:

beep™ supports global brands to achieve excellence by empowering people, and leaders, to thrive. Our scalable framework of programmes and technology embed the CREATE mindset and behaviours. Our unique approach unleashes people-power to turbocharge transformation; forging connection and collaboration to deliver excellent customer experience, empowered employees and reduced risk. The framework is highly adaptable; supporting measurable improvement for most operational or cultural challenges, wherever your organisation sits on the maturity curve.

Imaginal Leader Dens are invite-only virtual programmes of dynamic, intimate experiences based on behavioural science.

Over 6 short sessions, up to 16 board level leaders from diverse sectors reset, re-energise and reframe - while co-creating a toolkit for success.

Dynamic, efficient and effective virtual programmes help SVP/MD level leaders convert ambition and strategy into business as usual.

Up to 56 leaders use beep tools to co-create pragmatic hacks to overcome blockers to change and embed mindshifts towards relentless focus on customer-centric innovation.

Short, productive, intense programme for High Potential Leaders (VP/ Directors)

100 future stars put the power of design thinking, rapid prototyping and behavioural science into action. They connect, collaborate and co-design actionable solutions to real business challenges.

Internal influencers are identified and constructive behaviours rewarded, building desire, excitement and connection for change.

Solutions are co-created to emergent challenges at design thinking workshops. Insights generated inform your CREATE Cultural Maturity Assessment and roadmap to future WoW.

beep tech ™ scales agility and continuous improvement across levels, business units and regions.

Employees are empowered to self-organise Engines of Change and co-design solutions to blockers as they emerge.

Agility, collaboration and customer centric innovation become Business as Usual.

The beep™ network of transformation agents are on a mission.
We are determined to improve the lives of 500 million employees, add trillions to the global economy and support 20% of global impact towards the SDGs.

What We Think

beep™ helps complex corporations climb the cultural and operational maturity curve towards Future WoW by unleashing the potential of your people. We look forward to explaining how :

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